The Daniel Fast 2020

We are preparing ourselves once again for the New Year.  It is important for us to begin the year with a first fruit offering of sacrifice.  Our way of offering ourselves completely to God is through fasting and prayer.  Like many other congregations, Beyond the Walls Ministry uses the Daniel Fast principles.
For 21 days, we will corporately fast using the Daniel method.  A corporate fast is when a body of believers come together to fast and pray for a specific purpose along with the purposes of the individuals fasting.
We want to stress that this is a spiritual experience and not just another way of eating for 21 days. It’s okay to enjoy meals and make nice meals for the family that comply with the fasting guidelines. However, many people miss the great value of the fast by putting too much attention on the food and working hard to satisfy the flesh. Entering into an extended time of prayer and fasting can bring powerful spiritual blessings and result for all of us, but we will miss the blessing if food becomes the priority. 

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